Too often, the little guy gets overlooked.

There are more than a million nonprofits in the United States, but the books, consultants, websites, and other resources are usually dedicated to the largest of the organizations. And the little nonprofits–which far outnumber the big ones–get forgotten.

This website takes a whole different approach. It’s for the small (and even very small) nonprofits. It assumes that your schedule is packed. That you’d rather be out doing the good work of your nonprofit than fundraising or logging onto Facebook. So all these resources are for the time-pressed Executive Director. (Nonprofit development or marketing staff, as well as active board members will also find a lot of value here).

What works for a large institution like a school or a hospital often won’t work for a small nonprofit. But that doesn’t mean that the small nonprofits shouldn’t be as professional as they can be.

This website, and the books it features, break down complex and often confusing ideas into simple systems that be sustainably repeated. They provide a roadmap, not an encyclopedia. So you have the time to go out and do the work you really want to do.