Sometimes a book just isn’t enough. The specifics of how to apply ideas you read about to your own organization aren’t always apparent.

To that end, I created an easy way to ask about specific ideas and concepts.

Let’s set up a phone or Skype call. My entire professional career has been in nonprofit leadership, fundraising, and marketing, not to mention that as an elected official here in Tacoma I help oversee a multi-million dollars government agency. With experience in nonprofits, business, and government, I know I can be a help to your organization.

These are not pricey consulting contracts! I don’t want to do them and small nonprofits can’t afford them. Instead these are low-cost opportunities–counted in hundreds, not thousands–they are easy to sign up for, quick to schedule, and allow me to help nonprofits with their specific questions and decisions without getting away from my own core work.

The 90-Minute Check-In

We can get a lot done in 90 minutes! Together, we’ll do a one-time check-in and look at your fundraising plan, your goals, your budget, and figure out some good ideas that will help you move forward that fit the specifics of your situation. Send any documents you want to me in advance–brochures, letters, databases, spreadsheets, board rosters, case statements … basically anything you’d like to talk about, send it! I’ll review it ahead of our call so that we can focus on the issues when we talk.

This check-in can be invaluable for thinking about new opportunities, setting concrete goals for the next couple of months, or just feeling more secure that you’re headed down the right path.

The total package, for the review work ahead of time and the 90 minute call is $250. Use the Paypal Link below and together we’ll find a time that works for a joint call.


The 3 Month Coaching Plan

If you’d like ongoing help, I recommend the 3 month plan. This is a great way to set goals and then have someone working with you over three months to help keep you on track.

If you have a make-or-break end of the year coming up, if you have a big fundraising launch or event you need to plan for, this is the great way to ensure it’s a success. We’ll talk over the phone or Skype twice a month, and I’ll be readily available via email for quick questions you might have as well.

Two monthly sessions; regular fundraising coaching and practice; plus writing, design, and business expertise. All for just $400/month. The Paypal link below will subscribe your card to 3 billings of $400/month. After you’ve purchased it, we’ll find a time in the next few days for our first meeting.

Feel free to email ( if you have more questions about the check-in or the coaching plan!