The Little Book of Gold


$16.99 Just $10.19 (40% off) through October 17

The Little Book of Gold, now revised and expanded, is a concise book that helps small and very small non-profits build an effective fundraising operation on a shoestring budget.”It was a perfect primer for me as I prepare for a new role in my agency.” — Anne Maack, Child Start, Wichita, KS

A valuable contribution to our colleagues in the nonprofit world–especially those of us in smaller organizations that do not have dedicated fund development staff.” — Jose Martinez, Executive Director, Food Bank of Yolo County, Yolo County, CA

The Little Book of Likes


$16.99 Just $10.19 (40% off) through October 17

The Little Book of Likes is dedicated to helping small (and very small) nonprofits build an audience of readers–and potential donors and volunteers–on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.This short guide leads Executive Directors and nonprofit marketing managers through the ins and outs of a simple social media strategy that is effective and sustainable. With real-world practical advice, it recognizes that nonprofit managers usually have better things to be doing than updating Facebook. Like The Little Book of Gold, it was written specifically for small nonprofits as a “road map” to the often confusing and changing world of social media.

The Little Book of Boards

the little book of boards cover$16.99 Just $10.19 (40% off) through October 17

Are you new to a board and have no idea what’s expected of you? Do you know what a board’s six key responsibilities are? Do you know what your relationship with the Executive Director should be? If not, this book is for you.

Told with a conversational style, this book will lead you through the basics of being on a board, how meetings work, and what’s expected between meetings. In addition, at the back of the book are several in-depth resources for understanding Roberts Rules of Order, bylaws, committee structures, board leadership, and much more. Perfect for any new board member—or for an entire board that is feeling lost—this book and its common sense approach will serve you every year you are on the board.