Mary Dunaway – How KPLU Raised 7 Million in Six Months – Episode 011

June 30, 2016

Today’s guest is Mary Dunaway, Director of Development for the public radio station KPLU. Last fall it was revealed that KPLU faced an existential threat: the announced sale of its transmitters to another public radio and the layoff of its staff. A “friends” group was able to negotiate a chance for the station to “buy itself.” But they had a huge target ($7,000,000) and a short deadline (six months). How does a nonprofit, even one with the fundraising history and ability of a public radio station, go about raising such a large sum of money so quickly? Mary shares the story—even the nitty gritty numbers—of how the KPLU community rallied to save their station.

About Mary

Mary Dunaway started at KPLU as a student caller when she was a student at Pacific Lutheran University. She continued to work her way up at KPLU, tackling first the annual fund, then major gifts, and eventually she became Director of Development.

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